Open Security Exchange

PUBLICATIONS Used in the program:


The programs of the institute are:

  • Organizational or Business Drivers
  • Internal Controls Construct
  • Business Analysis 
  • Project  Management
  • Enterprise  Performance Life Cycle 
  • Identity, Credentialing and Access Management 

Designed by:

The purpose of the Collegian Student Affiliate Program (CSAP) is to initiate a student’s path to success in the Security Profession.  The Open Security Exchange (OSE), as well as industry partners, are initiating the CSAP to encourage college and university students to consider pursuing a career in security. The Student Affiliate Program allows businesses to connect with colleges and universities to have access to aspiring students interested in pursuing a career in protection, security, and technology disciplines.  
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The Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP),  Protection Security and Resilience (PSR) Institute are an organization within the Open Security Exchange.

The Institution was established to research and investigate PSR concepts within and among the United States CIP Program.