Collegian Student Affiliate Program (CSAP)


The purpose of this program is to initiate a student’s path to success in the Security Profession. The Open Security Exchange (OSE), as well as industry partners, are undertaking the CSAP to encourage college and university students to consider pursuing a career in security. The Student Affiliate Program allows businesses to connect with colleges and universities to have access to aspiring students interested in pursuing a career in protection, security, and technology disciplines.

As a Collegian Student Affiliate, participants will have taken the first step towards a successful and lucrative career in one of the many security disciplines. OSE, along with partner organizations, will give the student affiliate access to the training, education, and network they need to succeed.

Affiliation in CSAP helps students get a foothold into the competitive security industry while they are completing their studies. The CSAP will lay an invaluable foundation for their future professional network as they prepare to graduate.


The CSAP will offer:

• Networking and building their future international professional network
• Latest security management news, research, and trends
• Internships, Volunteering and leadership opportunities
• Career Opportunities and Scholarships
• ASIS International Student Membership
• ASIS Student Membership will include complimentary registration to GSX
• Security Industry Association, SIA Student Membership
• Access to members-only publications, research, and reports




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